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Let’s Get Wet: Amazing Aqua Activities

Posted on: 25th August 2017

The Robert & Son swimwear range was founded on a love of aqua activities. Luckily for us, the UK county of Norfolk that serves as our base has over 90 miles of coastline. This means there’s plenty of space on the beach and a variety of water-based sports and leisure activities right on our doorstep. Have you tried any of these aqua activities?

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel the user, who holds a kite, whilst riding a specially adapted surfboard. Unlike traditional surfing, kite surfing only needs wind, not waves. If you’re thinking of taking your children kite surfing, Robert & Son’s swimwear would make a great accompaniment to your sporting day out. Our shorts are super comfy and fast drying, so you can relax with ease, once you’re back on dry land.

Male kite surfer

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding can be a more accessible sport than surfing. It involves using a paddle to propel yourself whilst lying, kneeling or standing on a paddle or surf board. Stand up paddle surfing is one of the fastest-growing watersports in the UK. There are even Standup Paddle Board Championships taking place nationally.

Paddle boarder


Kayaking and canoeing aren’t the same thing. Whilst canoeing can be used as an umbrella term to refer to both sports, they are actually distinct activities. Kayaks are generally a “closed-top” craft, fitted for one person. Kayak riders sit inside, with their legs in front, and use a two-bladed paddle. Canoes can be crewed by multiple people and generally use the Native American style single-bladed paddle.

male kayaker

With a range for men and boys starting from 2 years old and going up to XXL, Robert and Son shorts are perfect for all families. And what’s more, they’re reasonably priced and come with free UK delivery. Browse our collection to create your unique pack of father and son swim shorts.

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